Why Fibreglass?

Our Fiberglass swimming pools are extremely strong due to the superb raw materials and manufacturing process used. The strengths of a correctly manufactured Fiberglass swimming pool can be compared to that of a concrete swimming pool.

The installation process of a Fiberglass swimming pool is generally easier, quicker and in most cases less damaging to your garden. Please enquire on time frames from your project manager. Can a fiberglass swimming pool pop out of the ground due to underground water? No, it can't as long as it is kept full of water.

Important information/Advice

  • For best operation, keep the water level above the rectangular skimmer-box/weir on the pool wall.
  • Do Not Drain Your Pool!!!!!!

Your fiberglass pool is designed to remain full of water at all times. If the pool is drained without proper directions, hydrostatic or ground pressure outside the pool could cause the structure to buckle or crack. In most cases damages to fiberglass pools results from improper pool drainage, if it becomes necessary to drain the pool, please contact us for assistance.

Fibreglass swimming pools are quick and easy to install. Our Pools Range from 1.8m to up to 10m accommodating even the smaller gardens.

They are generally warmer than gunite or concrete pools. Because the surface of our fibreglass swimming pools is non-porous, they use less chemicals and are far easier to maintain.

Our pools also have a higher tensile strength then cement and are flexible (in other words – it can bend with the moving underground conditions)

The finish of our Pools are done with gelcoats which are impressed and thus algae can only grow on the surface which can simply be wiped off. Therefore, the maintenance on a fibreglass pool is very low.


Important information/Advice regarding Fibreglass Swimming Pools

First and most importantly:

NEVER drain your fibreglass pool as these pools are designed to always hold water.

You can risk severe structure problems, cracking and more serious damage if you drain your fibreglass pool.

Overall, fibreglass pools are known for being incredibly resilient and relatively low maintenance.

However, you’ll still want to clean and maintain your fiberglass pool from time to time to ensure that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.

If you need to drain your pool, we recommend you contact us for professional advice and assistance.

Always insure you use the correct materials or cleaners (like a degreaser and cleaning pad) when cleaning the walls of your pool. We suggest you invest in a high-quality automatic pool cleaner or you could consider hiring us for your pool maintenance.


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